Anyone who has paid much attention to me on Goodreads knows I’m not a fan of the author interview.  Too often, these are about people I’ve never heard of, discussing books I’ve never heard of. I always felt they were more for fellow authors than readers, and that assumption soured me on the notion. While I do think authors have a great deal to share with one another (and they should!), I don’t think the best approach to gain a readership is to advertise to other writers.

See, other writers can help you with technique. They can aid you in your search for cover designers, editors, proofreaders, perhaps even betas. They can coach you through a blurb, and show you how to rework a scene. They can be a part of your critique circle, providing knowledgeable, insightful feedback on your work-in-progress. What they probably can’t do is find an audience for your work.

Every author – especially every indie author – is already swamped trying to promote their own books. Though many make an effort to spread the word when they find a great novel, they simply have too much to do to hunt down your target audience, talk up your book, and splash their review all over social media outlets. This is, I believe, where book bloggers come in.

Book bloggers are seemingly everywhere nowadays. They each have their own preferences, their own audience, their own style. Because I, personally, feel they are one of the best outlets to expose your work (I can’t tell you how many new books and authors I’ve found through these people), I thought it would be a good idea to interview several different book bloggers, and share their answers here. Have you ever sent one a review request? Are you curious as to why you did (or didn’t) get a response? Why do they take on indies? What are their pet peeves?

My initial idea was to do one mass interview, compiling all answers below a set of questions. Then I started getting my surveys back and realized doing that would result in the longest article I will ever write here. For the next few months, I will post one blogger interview per week. These will typically be one-on-one, but I reserve the right to combine interviews if the responses allow.

(After all interviews have been posted, I will add a permanent page under the For Writers section with a trimmed down version showing condensed answers for easy referencing.)

Stay tuned. This week, I’ll post my first interview…and hopefully shed some light on the reviewer/blogger mindset.


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