How Readers Want Authors to Promote Their Work

We understand – promotion is hard and many authors struggle to find the appropriate middle ground between invisibility and overexposure. Readers came together to offer the following suggestions:

1. Find bloggers! There are nearly as many bloggers as there are writers (possible exaggeration, but you get the idea). Pitch to them as you would an agent or publisher. Be courteous and respectful, paying close attention to their preferred genres. Tempt them to read your book, as they all have audiences and those readers may well decide (even based on a negative review) to check out their work. I’ve found many new books based on the recommendation of bloggers I already followed.

2. Interact in public forums as a reader, not a used car salesman. One reader had a story she told about having found a new favorite author based only on comments made about OTHER writer’s books. Seeing that they shared the same tastes, and appreciating the witty remarks of the author, this reader took it upon themselves to seek out their work. This happens all the time. No, it’s not an overnight strategy to the best seller lists, but it’s a damned easy way to put yourself out there without shoving your books down anyone’s throats.

3. Host giveaways – in the appropriate arenas. Do book signings. If your novel is in paperback format, order a dozen and donate a couple to libraries, or leave them in doctor’s offices, or on the bus. Seriously. Let us stumble upon your book.

4. Check out this site:   It’s an interesting way to promote your book. Basically, fake news articles about your characters and story. Some very creative stuff there.

5. Utilize the resources readers use to try new authors, like:

6. Found this resource, which lists (in some detail) various websites that promote indie authors:  Digital Pubbing

7. I don’t personally utilize mailing lists to find new books, but evidently others do – and I’ve heard good things about Bookbub.

8. Take advantage of any in-person opportunity you can. Libraries and independent bookstores, for example, are often happy to promote local authors. Why not offer to do a reading?


More to come…



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