Biggest Mistakes Indie Authors Make

The title is self-explanatory. Let’s just get to it, shall we?

1. Talking about nothing but their books, no matter how inappropriate the posting might be.

2. Arguing with a bad review – or any review, for that matter.

3. Not hiring professionals to produce a professional book.

4. Stalking readers (the offending authors and offended readers know what I’m referring to).

5. Buying reviews.

6. Trashing other writer’s work to make your own look better.

7. Taking someone else’s idea and NOT making it your own.

8. Over/under pricing the work. It’s a fine line here, I know, but generally I’d accept between 2.99 and 5.99 for an ebook (no matter the author).

9. Not pitching to the right audience.

10. Believing the “story” is all that matters, and common errors are acceptable because traditionally published authors have the occasional issue in their books. Let me elaborate on this one. Yes, one of Stephen King’s last books had an errant comma and “he” where it should have been “him.” Too many indie books are nearly unreadable. Strive for excellence, because you have to earn that audience before you can ever expect them to forgive a mistake.

FYI – This list will grow continuously as more feedback is generated from readers.



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